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Tri-C Karters has been a mainstay of southern California karting for over 45 years, providing a family-oriented racing environment for novices and veterans alike.

CalSpeed Karting is southern California's premier karting destination, providing a clean, modern facility and superb track surface with nine configurations.


So-Cal Chill Challenge
@ Adams Motorsports Park

December 8
December 29
January 19

2019 Season
February 2
April 20
May 11
June 15
July 6
August 17
September 21
October 19



TaG Micro:  Keagan Kaminski
TaG Mini:  Izaac Gutierrez
LO-206 Jr.:  Sophia Storey
100cc TaG Jr.:  Gaven Perez
TaG Jr.:  Cole Morgan
VLR Spec LO-206:  TJ Blackledge
LO-206 Sr.:  KC Cook
World Formula:  Robert Miller
100cc Sr.:  Kenneth Byers Jr.
100cc TaG Sr.:  James Hayner
TaG Sr.:  Brenden DeLorto
ROK GP 125 Sr.:  Jacob Linton
LO-206 Master:  Lukas Dziemidok
100cc Master:  Robert Perez
100cc TaG Master:  Arman Cornell
TaG Master:  Branden Bell
ROK GP 125 Master:  Billy Cleavlin
Formula 125 Shifter:  Christian Bird

2018 Tri-C Season Champions

TaG Micro:  Keagan Kaminski
TaG Mini:  Troy Hageman
TaG Jr.:  Marcus Rodriguez
TaG Sr.:  Brenden DeLorto
TaG Master:  Alex Gutierrez
ROK GP 125 Master:  Tony Rossetti
World Formula:  Jason Collins
LO-206 Jr.:  Dakota Tate
LO-206 Sr.:  Derek Esquibel
LO-206 Master:  Mike Smith
VLR Spec LO-206:  Mark Connell
100cc Sr.:  Kenneth Byers Jr.
100cc Master:  Chad Hawkins
100cc TaG Sr.:  James Hayner
100cc TaG Master:  Arman Cornell


Race Day Schedule Download

12/3/18:  The December 8 So-Cal Chill Challenge Race Day Schedule has been posted.

11/2/18:  So-Cal Chill Challenge registration is open nowChill Challenge Class Structure and Chill Challenge Rules are also now available for download.

10/28/18:  October 27th Race Results and 2018 Final Season Points have been posted.

4/22/18:  Updated IAME KA100, Briggs LO-206, VLR Spec LO-206 & Tri-C Club Rules documents have been posted.

2/15/18:  The WKA Minor Release form has been posted.  The form must be notarized prior to being turned in.


All photos by Trisha Thibodeaux