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Download the Complete Event Rules Document

Please take all of your tires and fuel cans with you.  The Club is fined $50 for each tire and fuel can left at the facility after the event.

Spec Pump Fuel:  Must be 87 octane purchased on the morning of the event from the Arco Station at 10062 Cherry Blvd. (corner of Valley & Cherry) just south of the Speedway.  May not be mixed with any other fuel.

Driver's Meeting:  All drivers are required to attend.  Random roll call will be made, violation may result in loss of grid position for qualifying or heats.  The Pre-Tech form must be handed in before your kart is allowed on track.

Race Format:  The scheduled race day consists of two Warm-Up sessions, a Qualifying session, two Heat races and a Main event.  Finishing order in each round determines starting position for the next round.

Pit Insurance Regulations:  Wristbands are required for everyone in the facility, No Exceptions.  Except for mobility-impaired the following are not allowed in the pits:  Wheeled transportation (bikes, scooters etc.), Pets, Games (balls, frisbees, etc.).

Unsportsmanlike Conduct:  Physical or verbal abuse will result in an immediate Level 2 DQ, with the competitor being suspended and asked to leave the facility. 

Auto Club Speedway:  Remember that we are guests at the facility where we hold our events.  Please maintain posted speed limits on Speedway property.

Tri-C Classes compete under World Karting Association technical regulations.  The Tech Manual can be purchased from WKA here.  The Tri-C Karters Rules document contains information supplementing and clarifying the WKA technical regulations.